Welcome to Yoga In Nature

Like in Nature everything is in constant change, accepting life as it is not as we want it to be. Pleasant and unpleasant becomes just sensations we observe but we don’t get attached to them. With that precept we can just see life as something that is constantly changing, if we accept the change, we will be able to overcome whatever happens, knowing that it will pass sooner or later.

Yoga means union, the union between body-mind-soul. It is not just an exercise, it has a deep philosophy to bring us to the truth of ourselves, if we are able to listen to our own truth we will be master of our own life.

Working on ourselves will give us the power to change our lives. By small decisions we will be able to achieve a life full of happiness and harmony. Yoga is just the instrument we use to be able to see ourselves as we really are, to connect to our body, to listen to what we really need and not be affected by the world outside.

I invite you to change your life, to be able to make better decisions, to be happy and therefore make your world happier and full of love.


Abril 2023