Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga / Antigravity Yoga

I find aerial yoga / antigravity yoga one of the safest practices that bring ease and fun at the same time giving you the opportunity to move freely in the space.

Aerial Yoga works along with gravity, giving the advantage of the anti-gravity technique.

It has got many benefits for the body, the most important one is the decompression of the spine during inversions. Other benefits are:

– Realign your entire body

– Improve posture

– Lubricate your vertebrae

– Regenerate all of the Major systems of your body ( digestive, circulatory, lympathtic etc)

– Send 100% fresh oxygen & Prana to all of your muscles & cells

– Reverse the aging process

– Release emotion blockages

– Open up all of chakras

– Increase the flow of chi to your meridian channels

– Reconnect with your inner child

– Expand your boundaries

– And of course, smiling alot.

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