Wuo Tai

Wuo Tai

At the border between gestures of yesterday and of today, Wuo Tai is an inviting dance of elliptical movements for two people on the ground.

A synthesis of various disciplines harvested on the journey across continents and influenced by asia, Wuo Tai wants to be «new» and began to sprout around 2003.

It is inspired by the elegant marriage of dance and Osteopathy.

What does Wùo Taï mean ?

«WUO» combines «Wu» the circle and «ou» binome or double. «Tai» as «as Big as the outdoors». Wuo Tai can be translated as «Between two circles» or «Between the Universe.»

It is inspired by the combination of dance and osteopathy which is why we also call this practice «Osteo-dance».

It doesn’t require any specific physical condition. It is practiced at any age and explores the vast variety of soothing body gestures. Wuo Tai is a new gymnastic for two which movements promote an awakening of consciousness and relationship.

Wuo Tai brings flexibility, strength, agility, and balance. The magic of Wuo Tai is to simply discover that we receive what we give.

This momentum of gestures and sharings broadcasts in us a Zenattitude, enchantment, life force and self-respect.

What is Wuo Tai for ?

– Free-up mobility by balancing the centers of gravity as all structures are moved.

– Increasing neuro-vascular exchanges and stabilize them.

– Stretch and mobilize the myo-fascial chains by reconnecting and disconnecting them.

– Travel across the different planes of the organizational structure.

– Potentiate the interfaces of the living and of the gestures.

– Create a pivoting point for the major systems of exchange.

– Awaken into conscious gesture and movement.

– Become an agent of consciousness for oneself and for the other.

– Explore and understand man through his different levels of elaboration, in an original way, while respecting all the different cultures (yoga, osteopathy, acupuncture..).

You can find more information about Wuo Tai: www.wuotai.com

Sesiones Wuo Tai en la Sierra de Madrid. A domicilio o en el centro Yoga Raíz en San Lorenzo de El Escorial. Preguntar por tarifas omyogainature@gmail.com/info